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10x20 high peak tent

10x20 high peak tent

349 Pounds

Pinnacle Rectangle High Peak Cross Cable tents are hexagon-shaped tents providing maximized usable space to add a more central feel to your gathering. The cross cables supporting the high peak tubing are designed to reduce the amount of tubing by not including an interior ceiling frame or support pole. The simple design allows for easy transportation, storage, and installation involving only two people due to the reduced amount of hardware in comparison to other frame or pole tents 10x20 hp tent Width10 ft. / 3.0mLength20 ft. / 6.1mArea200 ft / 18.3 m²Eave Height8' / 2.4mOverall Height13'8" / 3.9mPitch4'8" / 1.4mComplete Weight349 Lbs. / 158 Kg.

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